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Welcome to the Office of Student Health Services

  • There is a strong relationship between academic achievement and a child's physical, emotional and mental health.  This link is the foundation for providing school health services as an important component of a school program.  School health services provide primary prevention aimed at keeping students in school through appropriate screenings, early identification of children at risk for physical, emotional and mental health concerns, and case management of students with chronic health concerns. Through the resources and guidance provided on this site, we hope to help you meet the health needs of your child and impact academic growth for all students.  


  • Michelle Babilius                                                                                      Wendy Porter
    Director of School Health Services                                                Secretary
    Kolak Education Center                                                                        Kolak Education Center
    Office: 608-361-4024                                                                            Office: 608-361-4020
    Fax: 608-361-4135                                                                                  Fax: 608-361-4135
    Email: mbabilius@sdb.k12.wi.us                                                       Email: wsporter@sdb.k12.wi.us