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    • Optional iPad Insurance

      There are two options for parents to purchase coverage for their students' iPads.   Worth Avenue will provide replacement cost insurance coverage and protect the iPad (on and off school grounds, depending on coverage option chosen). For more details, visit
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    • G.R.I.T - Homework Club

      Our After School Homework Club!  G.R.I.T - stands for Give it your all, Redo if necessary, Ignore giving up, and Take time to do it right.  Our homework club (G.R.I.T) starts at 4:00 and goes until 5:30.  Meets in the cafeteria for a snack right after school and we'll get you to the right place.  Talk to Ms. Jacobson or Ms. Boggs for more details.


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    • PTO Collections!

      The PTO is taking the following collections:  1)  Box Tops for Education & 2) Prairie Farms milk caps fundraiser.  Collection boxes will be placed in the front office or you can send them to school with your child to give to their teacher.  For the Prairie Farms milk caps, you can also enter the codes online at:  Simply choose "Fruzen Intermediate School" from the drop down menu, and enter the codes found under the peel off labels on top of the mild caps.  Prairie Farms milk can be found at Aldi, Casey's, Stop-N-Go, and Woodmans.


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    • Books    Beloit Public Library

      There is a lot happening at your local library!  Visit to see the full events calendar.


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    • School Closings

      Information about school closings due to snow or temperatures is  It is posted on the district webside under the District section.


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    • Cafeteria to Sell - Ala Carte!

      The Fruzen Cafeteria is selling items "ala carte".  Items available are:  bottled water, juice, slushies and healthy baked chips.  Please be aware that NO CHANGE will be given back - Student's can drop money off in a box located at the Fruzen Cafeteria.  Money should be placed in an envelope with the student's name and grade on it.  The money will be applied to the student's skyward account.  If it is in the box BY 10:00 AM - it will be on the student's account that day.  If money is in the box AFTER 10:00 am - it will go on the account the next day.  Thank you!

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      If you are looking for a menu for breakfast or lunch - please "click" on the Chef hat or menu above.  This is a link that will take you to the Aramark site with all of the menus listed.  Find the listing for the Monthly 4-8 Intermediate Menu and "click" on the appropriate listing that you would like.  Please be aware that all menus are subject to change.

      Thank you!


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    • Crosswalks at Fruzen

      For the safety of our students walking to school, we ask that they use the crosswalk by the stoplights at the intersection of Milwaukee and Lee. Students will be assisted by an adult crossing guard both before and after school. Finally, the City will install a new crosswalk this fall for that intersection, which will further enhance visibility. (These high-visibility crosswalks can be found already in several spots in our city.)
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    Welcome to Fruzen Intermediate School - Home of the Falcons !!!

    Welcome Falcons!

           Fruzen intermediate School Mission Statement:
    The mission of Fruzen Intermediate School is to create a positive culture in which all students enter feeling included and welcomed, and exit feeling confident, successful, and prepared for their future by being socially responsible life long learners.
                        We are ONE.  We are Fruzen Falcons.
    Fruzen Intermediate School is a learning community of around 600 students in grades 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and 70 staff in Beloit, Wisconsin.  The families of these students are also an integral part of the learning community as we partner with families to ensure we are meeting all the students' needs.  The dedicated staff believe in the Fruzen mission statement and work collaboratively together to ensure the students are meeting or exceeding the learning and social expectations in all areas to prepare them for the future and to be future leaders.
    In addition to core courses (math, language arts, science, and social studies) students are offered Project Lead the Way courses, arts, music (band, choir, and orchestra), careers course, advanced courses, and other courses supporting students to be prepared for the future and be life long learners.  The students are 1:1 with iPads to enhance and support their learning.
    Fruzen Intermediate School is a brand new school this year! The school was named after longtime educator and administrator in the School District of Beloit, Francis J. Fruzen.
    At Fruzen Intermediate School, we will provide a positive and safe learning environment that prepares all students academically, socially and emotionally for the future.  We believe in the school/family partnership and encourage you to contact us if you or your child needs additional support or resources.  If you have any questions please call me at 608-361-2010.
    Mr. Kleinschmidt,
    Traffic Flow Procedure   
    Brochure with Map:  - This map shows the routes for dropping off and picking up students, whether students are riding the bus, walking, riding their bikes or being dropped off by car.
    - Click here to view brochure - Fruzen Traffic Map 
    Letter from City of Beloit regarding safe school traffic: - Click here to view letter - City of Beloit Traffic Letter
    City of Beloit Letter:  Motorists Urged to Use Caution - Click here to view letter -  Motorists Urged to Use Caution
    Bike racks  - are available for students riding bikes to school.  They will be located next to the designated 7th & 8th entrance and the designated 4th, 5th & 6th entrance.  Lock your bike to the rack's at all times. 
    START & END TIMES - Classes start at 8:35 AM and students are dismissed at 3:41 PM.  Please make sure that your student is dropped off and picked up within these time limits unless they are attending before or after school activities.
     If your student is NOT enrolled in the before school program, they cannot be dropped off until 8:15 AM. 
    21st Century Community Learning GRANT- 
    Fruzen was awarded a Federal 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant.  This grant funds the Before and After School Programs by the Boys and Girls Club and the Fruzen School. Thank you to 21st Century Community Learning Center! 
    Objective 1:  Students performing below grade level in literacy and math skills will receive additional targeted instruction by trained professionals in areas of specific deficiencies.  Students will increase RIT scores on MAP tests by at least 9 points in Math and 8 points in Reading based on a spring comparison.
    Objective 2: In addition to academic support, students will participate in at least 3 of the following enrichment activities:  STEM, gaming/coding, AODA prevention programming, physical activity, writing and speaking, integrated health and social skills development, critical/creative thinking and fine arts, including music, drama, art and movement.
    Objective 3: 80% of parents will attend at least one of more of the parent/family involvement offerings.  Some possible opportunities include pBIS connections between home and school, culture nights, literacy and math enrichments, ELL support, technology enhancement, healthy lifestyle and nutrition, and financial advising for families.-- 
     - Boys and Girls Club:
    - Morning Program - Supervised and run by the Boys and Girls Club.  Will be every day there is school, Monday thru Friday, from 7:15 am - 8:25 am.  
    - After School Program - Supervised and run by the Boys and Girls Club.  Will be every day there is school, Monday thru Friday from 3:41 pm - 5:30 pm.   
    - Fruzen - Before & After School Program (run by the teachers of the Fruzen Building): 
      - Before School Program - will run from 7:15 am - 8:30 am
     - After School Program - will run from 3:41 pm - 5:30 pm
     If your student is NOT enrolled in the before school program, they cannot be dropped off until 8:15 AM. 
    Join the Soaring Falcons next week for the final round of classes for the year.  These classes run from May 1st through June 2nd.
    Monday and Wednesdays - Students have their choice:
     - Gardening Club - which emphasizes a seed to table approach featuring garden-based education.  Students will plant and tend a garden and will later be able to cook some recipes using the vegetables that come from it.
     - Another option is STEM Lab - Come and create S'Mores ovens, learn about osmosis in gummy bears, blow up a balloon using Pop Rocks, and make magnetic slime.  These are just a few of the many activities planned in STEM Lab.  Come and check it out!
    Tuesdays and Thursdays - Students will continue the "James and the Giant Peach" book club.  Students will be learning new vocabulary as they read, as well as creating art, making peach recipes and participating in many other activities.  This class will also be taking a field trip to Drury Lane Theater to see the play "James and the Giant Peach" on Saturday, May 20th.
    ***Just a reminder that both Soaring Falcons and the Boys and Girls Club after school programs will conclude on Friday, June 2nd.  Please make other arrangements for after school on June 5th, 6th, and 7th. *** 
    Come and join the Soaring Falcons program after school for exciting classes in the month of April!!  The following classes will run from April 3 - 27 on alternating days.
     Monday and Wednesdays – Students have their choice of:   Digital Photography OR Mad About Science
     In Digital Photography:"A photograph is the pause button of a great memory." -​Anonymous In this 4 week ​digital photography course we will look at​ both  photographs and photography styles. We will study how to take photographs and what to look for when trying to capture your own great pictures. We will spend time taking photographs of our surroundings of people and places. Students will be able to print and take home their own shots throughout the course. It will be a great time, please come join us!
    In Mad About Science:Students will use their creative skills to build and test structures, create a robot, and follow challenge instructions to build a circuit​.
    Tuesdays and Thursdays – Students have their choice of: Geocaching OR James and the Giant Peach
    In Geocaching:  Geocaching is like a high-tech treasure hunt for people who love the outdoors. Come learn the basics of navigating using a GPS and compass, and how to use those skills to find hidden treasures called geocaches.
    For James and the Giant Peach:  Join us for a book study with cooking, activities and fun related to this fun book. This class will end with a field trip to see the James and the Giant Peach play on May 20.​
    Join us after school in the Library for all the fun!
    BREAKFAST - Free for all students and will be provided in their classroom.
    LUNCH - Free for all students 
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