Hall of Fame Inductees

  • The Beloit Memorial High School Hall of Fame was established for the purpose of identifying and recognizing graduates of Beloit Memorial High School who have made significant contributions to their professions and their communities. They serve as role models of achievement for our current student body. The first recognition was made in 1994.

    A plaque of each recipient is permanently placed in the school’s Hallway of Fame.

    Beloit Memorial Hall of Fame Members

    2019 Charlotte M. Hall, Class of 1968
    2018 John C. Wong, Class of 1984
    2017 Tony Scodwell, Class of 1961
    2016 Joe B. Lomax, Class of 1957 
    2015 Gene Van Galder, Class of 1966 
    2014 Steven L. Raymer, Class of 1963
    2013 Evenly L. McDonnell, Class of 1982
    2012 Michael White, Class of 1989
    2011 James L. Caldwell, Class of 1973
    2010 Dr. Thomas A. Sudkamp, Class of 1971
    2009 Timothy L. Weeden, Class of 1969 
    2008 Charles A. Tubbs Sr., Class of 1971 
    2007 Eugene Lee, Class of 1957 
    2006 Dr. H. Daniel Green, Class of 1952
    2005 Francis J. Fruzen, Hon. Member (1956-2005)
    2005 Barbara A. Hickman, Class of 1956
    2004 Judge Edwin C. Dahlberg, Class of 1942
    2003 Stephanie A. Klett, Class of 1985
    2002 Philip L. Johnson, Class of 1957
    2001 Dr. William Pollard, Class of 1935
    2000 Lt. Gen. Jeffrey W. Oster, Class of 1959
    1999 Evelyn S. O’Kelley, Class of 1941
    1998 Lewis Dalvit, Class of 1944
    1997 Annette Calud, Class of 1981
    1996 Thomas A. Reneau, Class of 1963
    1995 Charles W. Lake, Class of 1936
    1994 Ed Burns, Class of 1956
  • Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Award

    The office of Alumni Services is accepting nominations for the Alumni Hall of Fame Award. Nominations may come from alumni, administrators, faculty members, parents or friends of the Beloit Memorial High School. The nominee must be a graduate of BMHS. To be considered for the current year, nominations must be received by the Office of Alumni Services no later than December 15, using this nomination form.
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