School Closing Criteria

  • While we will make every effort to keep schools open throughout the school year, situations like severe weather may make it necessary to close schools for the overall safety of our students and staff.  We know there are individual circumstances that may affect a child’s 

    Snowflake ability to come to school when the weather is questionable. Our parents are the ultimate judge of making that call. However, if you decide to keep your child(ren) home on a day when school is in session, please make sure to contact your child’s school office to report the absence.


    FAQ on the process for closing schools

    How is the decision to close schools due to weather made?

    It is based on what's best for our students. We review weather conditions and the forecast early in the morning. We evaluate road conditions and the weather's potential impact on school bus safety.  We aim for a decision by 6 a.m. on whether to open schools during inclement weather.

    When are schools closed because of extreme cold?
    We will consider closing schools when sustained wind chills are -35°F or colder as students are walking to or from school.

    How can I find out if schools are closed?
    If schools are closing, we will call and email parents, post an alert on the District’s website homepage announcements. Closings are announced on Charter Cable Channel 96/991, local radio stations (WGEZ 1490 AM, WLCO 1230 AM) and local TV stations.  

    When schools are closed, are all activities for the day canceled?
    Yes. This includes before and after-school programming and events.

    Why aren't schools dismissed early on days when weather is bad?
    In many of families, adults work outside the home and do not have ready childcare available before the end of the school day.  If you truly feel it's safer at home, you may pick your child(ren) up before the school day ends. Normal early pick-up procedures at your school apply.

    When schools are closed for other reasons
    If you have a question about whether schools or a particular school will be closed for reasons other than severe weather, listen to local radio/television stations or go to the district’s website for posted information.

    The decision to close schools is not always an ideal situation for every family; opinions across the community are consistently divided on whether the right call to close, or not close, schools was made.  We respectfully request and appreciate your patience and understanding of the difficulties in making decisions like these.  We also welcome your questions and greatly value your efforts to bring your child to school during the cold winter months.  Again, safety will always be a priority in our decision-making process.