Quarter Century Club Overview

  • The organization of this club was motivated by an effort to give recognition to the many Beloit Public School members having given 25 years or more service to the community.  Superintendent Charles E. Jones, with the support of the Board of Education members and school staff members, provided the leadership that resulted in the first meeting.

    It was on May 18, 1955, at the Beloit Country Club (now known as The Beloit Club) that 65 of the 69 eligible members enjoyed a much appreciated evening of fellowship and appreciataion expressed by community leaders.

    Superintendent Jones, as Master of Ceremonies, presented City Manager A.D. Telfer, who extended greetings.  Mr. Russell Lewis, First Assistant Superintendent of the Wisconsin State Department of Instruction, praised the group and told them, 

    "If the generations of teachers coming into the teaching profession can depend on such an asemblage as we have here tonight, I have no doubt they will be better
    teachers because they will be able to profit by your experience and wisdom."

    Mr. J.H. McNeel, retired Principal of the Beloit High School, responded for the teachers, 

    "I'm proud to say, during my years in Beloit, I never found any teacher who did not totally support the work of their profession."

    Mr. John Smiley, Prinicpal of Lincoln Junior High School, gave a short summary of the organization of the Club, its purpose which is to proote and propagate the "Beloit Spirit", namely:

    1. To imbue new staff members with the premise that the Beloit System is a good place in which to work.
    2. To encourage a greater percentage of the personnel to remain in Beloit for an increasing number of years.
    3. To focus attention on this group of people as being a necessary and desirable force within the system.
    4. To promote unity among members of the staff.
    5. To spotlight the profession as being a desirable life's vocation.