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    To support high levels of achievement for all students



    The Department of School Leadership and Equity is committed to supporting teachers and administrators in providing a high quality education for all students, so they are well prepared for successful futures in the college/career path of their choosing. 
    Peggy Muehlenkamp, Executive Director of School Leadership
    William Greymont, Director Instructional Leadership, Equity & Accountability
    Kelly Grorud, Director STEM, Equity & Innovation 
    Mitch Briesemeister, Director of Career and Technical Education
    Robin Bye, Student Data Coordinator
    TBN, Technology Coordinator
    TBN, Administrative Assistant to Executive Director of School Leadership
    Sara McGlasson-Maynard, Secretary for Department of Shcool Leadership
    Doralis Cederberg, District Translator

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  • Department of School Leadership & Equity
    1500 4th Street Beloit, WI 53511
    Phone: (608) 361-4031