Educational Resources for Families / Recursos Educativos para Familias

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      Welcome to Beloit Learning Academy

      Our small staff works very hard to create a unique environment for our students.  Students who attend our school are loaded with talent, which we see within the classroom on a daily basis.  We are committed to improving the lives of our students while preparing them for their post-secondary plans.    Many other programs are offered through the Beloit Learning Academy.  Fresh Start, GEDO 2, Teen Parent Program, Challenge Academy, HSED, Virtual School, and other programs are available.  Families interested in attending the Beloit Learning Academy or the programs mentioned above should contact Alexandra Monroe, School Counselor, at 361-4343.  You may also contact Principal Tina Goecks regarding enrollment or other questions you may have about our school, at 361-4310.


    Our Mission and Vision

    • Preparing and inspiring every student to succeed in life and contribute to an ever-changing world. 

      Welcome to the School District of Beloit. We are a family of more than 6,400 students and 900 staff nestled in the heart of a thriving community – Beloit, Wisconsin.
      Our mission, values and goals support the academic success of our students. Our dedicated and talented teachers reinforce and encourage high academic expectations, quality instructional practices, viable curriculum, student engagement, and an emphasis on 21st Century Learning that highlights critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.

      If you would like more information on the School District of Beloit, please visit the Kolak Education Center at 1500 Fourth Street, or call 608-361-4000.


    Hours and Attendance

    • School Hours

      Doors Open 8:30 am
      Breakfast 8:30-9:00
      School Starts 9:00 am for Middle School/High School

      Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

      School Dismissal Middle 2:00 pm
      School Dismissal High School 2:45 pm

      Weds ONLY

      School Dismissal Middle/High School 1:30 pm

      GEDO II Program:  AM Session 8:30-11:30    -    PM Session 12:00 - 3:00

      Absence Notification Options

      1. Phone call to attendance line: 608-361-4302
      2. E-Mail the attendance address:
      3. Enter on Skyward Family Access
      4. Send a written note
      5. Visit the secretary in person