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    The Board of Education for the School District of Beloit is beginning the process of hiring a permanent Superintendent of Schools to start work on July 1, 2021. The Board of Education has enlisted Wisconsin Association of School Boards’ services to assist in facilitating the search process. During the search process, the Board of Education is committed to ensuring that the community and School District of Beloit families, students, and staff can provide input and feedback. 

    On behalf of the Board of Education and the School District of Beloit we stand against all forms of systemic and institutional racism. Now more than ever it is necessary for our community’s institutions and organizations to commit to be anti-racist. We are proud of the diversity within the School District of Beloit and we acknowledge the challenges and adversity that so many of our families of color are facing. We are always committed to supporting our students, families, and staff. We are here for you and we are stronger together. #BeloitProud

School District of Beloit

  • We are a family of more than 6,300 students with a mission of preparing and inspiring every student to succeed in life and contribute to an ever-changing world. Our mission, values, and goals support the academic success of our students. Our dedicated and talented teachers reinforce and encourage high academic expectations, quality instructional practices, viable curriculum, student engagement, and an emphasis on 21st Century Learning that highlights critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

SDB Student and Staff Diversity

  • With just over 6,300 students 33.8% of our students identify as Hispanic; 34.1% as Caucasian; 22.9% as African American; 7.9% identify as two or more; and 1.3% as other. The School District of Beloit understands the importance of supporting diversity initiatives in and out of the classroom, and we make it a priority in our recruitment and retention of staff. With 895 employees, 22.01% of our staff represent a minority race/ethnicity to provide students with cultural role models and experiences.

SDB School Infrastructure

  • The School District of Beloit is home to one traditional high school and an alternative high school. Beloit Memorial High School campus is situated on the Rock River and is the largest high school in Wisconsin based on square footage. Our district has four Intermediate Schools, fourth through eighth grade; six Elementary Schools, 4K through third grade; and an early childhood education program.

SDB Student Programming

  • We pride ourselves on the creative learning opportunities we provide to our staff and students. With academic and social and emotional well-being of our students as our focus, we offer All-Day 4k, Dual Language Immersion, Advanced Technical Training, Advanced Learner, 1:1 iPad Learning, Career Academies, Collegiate Academy, Arts-focused learning to include music, drama, arts and writing, and so much more.

City of Beloit

  • Located in southern Wisconsin and bordering northern Illinois. Beloit's best assets include a beautiful riverfront; charming downtown full of shops, hotels and restaurants; the internationally renowned Beloit College; the Beloit International Film Festival; miles of hiking and bike trails; interesting museums; and, of course, the School District of Beloit. This town of 37,000 is also the headquarters for several national and international companies including Hendricks Commercial Properties, ABC Supply, Kerry Americas, Rakuten, and PlayMonster.