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Beloit Memorial High School reaches out to students in back-to-school campaign, Showing Up Together!

BELOIT — Beloit Memorial Highschool just kicked off its school year in a unique way. Recently partaking in a new initiative that encourages students to come to class, with teachers and staff visiting students' homes door-to-door the week before school.

"I thought it was really cool that they knocked on my door," Beloit Memorial Senior, Lauren Slatter said. 

"It's just not something I thought that would happen." 

In a campaign called "Showing Up Together", all staff members of Beloit Memorial Highschool showed up at over 1,400 doorsteps with gifts for students, and even went as far as talking with parents and finishing registration. 

"Going out to meet families where they are and welcoming them back to the school year, seems like a really great step to take towards building that sense of community and belonging," the Principal for Beloit Memorial Highschool, Emily Pelz said. 

"I think it is just the sheer look on students faces. When we approached at the door and they saw us there, it's probably something that they never ever expected."

The initiative comes after attendance issues rise across the nation as a result of the COVID - 19 pandemic. The goal in question; raising the attendance numbers to 90 percent, and they are starting by making students feel seen, comfortable and welcomed. 

"We actually went to one house, and they were super excited to see us," said Beloit Memorial Highschool's Assistant Principal, Jaymee Thompson.

"We actually did some schedule changes right there... it was really beneficial, the number of times that parents and students said, "Oh, my gosh, I'm so glad you're here, I was going to call you.""

Slatter believes meeting students at homes takes away the anxiety of teacher/student relationships. 

"Seeing them outside of school is a big thing because I think some people just don't get that one to one [connection] anywhere but the school," Slatter said.

"Getting them to be at your house instead their place...and welcoming them to your house versus them welcoming you there."

The district saw record numbers at an open house that took place a few days after the neighborhood outreach, and they are hoping their initiatives will continue to impact relationships with the community and raise attendance numbers. For more information, you may visit the School District Of Beloit website here


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