2022 Award Recipients

  • Congratulations to BMHS seniors, Mariana Cardenas and Ellison Heyerdahl, the 2022 recipients of the Tanner Kitelinger Memorial Rising Star Scholarship. Both of these young women each received a $2500 scholarship and plan to pursue a career in education.

    In 2017, Tanner Kitelinger passed away from complications of Type 1 Diabetes. His parents continue to remember his legacy and positive impact on our world through this scholarship. “Tanner could comfort and light up a room with his warm and compassionate personality and contagious smile. He formed special connections with everyone he met, because of his genuine kindness and sense of humor.” We are grateful for the generosity of Jim and Connie Kitelinger and their extended support from family and friends."

    Pictured left to right: Todd DeMarb, Chris DeMarb (Connie Kitelinger’s sister and brother-in-law), Mariana Cardenas (recipient), Matt Heyerdahl, Heidi Heyerdahl (Ellison’s parents), Ellison Heyerdahl (recipient), Connie Kitelinger and Jim Kitelinger (Tanner’s parents).

    Tanner Kitelinger Award Recipients