School Dude Service Request

  • We are now using SchoolDude to submit maintenance and facilities work orders.

    Step 1:  Register as a SchoolDude user.  
    When you register, the account number will already be populated for you. Enter your name, phone number, email address and create a password.

    Step 2:  Submit a work order request. Once you submit your first work order request, you will automatically be set up in MaintenanceDirect with an account. 

    IMPORTANT:  You need to actually submit your 1st work order to be set up as a user as this completes the registration process.

    Listed below are tutorials to help you register and log in to your account and submit requests


Facility Services Staff

Facility Services Key Duties

  • Building Renovations/Repairs and Projects
    Furniture Purchases
    Construction Services

Aramark Key Duties

  • Manage Custodial, Maintenance and Warehouse operations

    Work requests

    District Deliveries 

    Maintenance of Buildings & Grounds
      -Playing Fields (football, soccer, etc.)

  • We maintain our focus on short and long term facility planning; we are:

    • Responsible for the regular operation and orderly development of our facilities and grounds to continue to provide a physical environment for teaching and learning that is safe and pleasant

    • Using a Comprehensive Master Facility Plan that has been developed for predictable facility project budgeting

    • Addressing facility needs through operational funds and revenue limit energy exemption tool

    We establish financial priorities to support adequate, up-to-date facilities:

    On average, district facilities meet a Facility Condition Index of average or fair, the areas of most need are roofs, windows and hardscapes. 

    Per the auditing engineer, the facilities mechanical systems and overall cleanliness were being maintained and are in good condition.

    To review and/or to offer input on our comprehensive master facility plan results or process click here

    To offer your input or to ask questions about how we create financial priorities to support adequate up to date facilities, please email us at 


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