Master Facility Planning Process

  •  Master Facility Planning-Frequently Asked Questions
    §What is it, and how does it work?
    §It is a plan by which to execute capital projects on district facilities
    §It works by first executing a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA): a study using visual evaluation and analysis to identify, assess, estimate remaining useful life, and recommend replacement value for all facility assets in the District (equipment and systems); then benchmark each facility based on existing conditions to know where to focus future facility investments
    §What are the next steps?
    §Develop a plan to achieve budget predictability so that as the years go on, we can level the peaks and valleys of the overall costs of the aging equipment and systems ; the plan will allow us to take advantage of cost-saving features, such as economies of scale on scopes of work, or a healthy competitive bidding climate.
    §How do the School District of Beloit’s facilities compare?
    §On average, the district facilities meet a Facility Condition Index of average or fair, the areas of most need are roofs, windows, and hardscapes. Per the auditing engineer, the buildings mechanical systems and overall cleanliness were being maintained and are in good condition (these services are being performed by Bassett Mechanical and ABM); the buildings’ biggest ‘problem’ is the age.
    We would like to seek the input of our community regarding the use and development of existing unoccupied school buildings, similar to the input we received with our 2012 referendum projects.
    We have recently developed a comprehensive master facilities plan using onsite evaluation with a team of facility consultants and current facility partners.

    To offer your input or to ask questions about how we create financial priorities to support adequate up to date facilities, please email us at: