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Todd, Fruzen, and McNeel Awarded CLC Grant from DPI

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has awarded about $9 million to schools serving students in low-income areas. Three schools in the Beloit School District, including Todd Elementary and Fruzen and McNeel Intermediate schools received grants.

Wisconsin DPI gave $8.8 million to 77 learning sites in the state to “support student learning and development opportunities during out-of-school hours,” a news release from the School District of Beloit stated.

According to the news release, the “grants are made to awardees for five consecutive years” and are “contingent on satisfactory progress toward achieving goals.”

Fruzen Intermediate Principal Jen Schieve also commented on the news in the release.

“The more opportunities and experiences we provide for our students to engage in new learning that will grow and nurture their curiosity and creativity while enhancing their academic growth is a win for our students today and their future,” Schieve said.

Source: Beloit Daily News