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BMHS students win Milwaukee Bucks Theme Night contest

BMHS StudentsBELOIT—Beloit Memorial High School students Jaheim Harrell, Paul Allen, Griffin Oberneder, and Ryan Mechanic won a Milwaukee Bucks Theme Night Competition, and their idea will be showcased at Wednesday night’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Students from across the state were asked to create a theme night that the Milwaukee Bucks could use in future seasons.

“Crucial to every Milwaukee Bucks season, theme nights bring success to many departments in our company,” stated the application to submit a theme night idea. “They generate revenue through ticket sales, create relationships for corporate partnerships and connect the communities not only in Milwaukee, but all of Wisconsin in ways not otherwise possible.”

The Milwaukee Bucks Management reviewed all submissions and selected the top three. Of the top three, Beloit Memorial High School was the overall winner with the theme, “Inside Out Night.”

“This theme night is to raise awareness of mental health concerns,” said Harrell. “We chose this theme because mental health is an issue that needs to be brought to light.”

“To promote the theme night, all fans would wear their jerseys inside out,” Oberneder said. “Mental health is an ongoing struggle many families face, and this will bring attention to that issue.”

Mechanic shared that other activities were also presented in their proposal to the Bucks, including having a buddy for the game, interactive half-time games, and selling inside out T-shirts.

“We want to provide a lifetime of memories at this night. It’s a great opportunity to give positive moments to everyone attending the game. Going to a Bucks game is a very special moment for kids. This will be a great way to promote mental health awareness to Bucks fans and the Milwaukee community,” Allen said.

“This competition and the winning theme by our students are, once again, examples of the creative, ambitious, and talented students at Beloit Memorial High School,” said Deb Prowse, Career Academy Coach. “We will continue to find ways for our students to highlight and showcase their talents.”

Tony Capozziello, Business, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship teacher at Beloit Memorial High School, agrees with Prowse and shared that he has had numerous students recognized regionally and nationally.

“This project was especially rewarding for this winning team. Working with these students on a unique marketing project for the Milwaukee Bucks has been an exciting experience. It provided our students the opportunity to appreciate and embrace the mission of the Bucks and create an event to bring awareness to mental health.”


Source: Beloit Daily News