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WREX: School District of Beloit receives funding to upgrade, enhance security at the high school

BMHSBELOIT (WREX) — Nearly $300,000 is coming to the School District of Beloit through the United States government.

The Department of Justice is giving the school district a $289,394 grant for upgrading and enhancing the physical security of Beloit Memorial High School.

“This funding comes at a time when as a nation, we're seeing unprecedented levels of disruption occurring in schools. Along with a recent increase in school security officers, this grant will allow us to continue our ongoing dedication to keeping our staff and students safe," said Ryan Turner, Safety and Security Coordinator for the School District of Beloit.

The School District of Beloit is one of only three school districts in the state to receive this grant, according to Melissa Beavers, Executive Director of Pupil Services. 

Source and Video: WREX