Dr. Donald Childs, Interim Superintendent

    Dr. Donald Childs
    Interim Superintendent
    Kolak Education Center
    1633 Keeler Avenue
    Beloit, WI 53511
    (608) 361-4016 
  • Dear School District of Beloit Constituents;

    I join the Board of Education and staff of the Beloit school district in extending a hearty welcome to the 2018-19 school year!

    Amidst what some may feel has been non-stop, continuous change and transition, we remain committed to our fundamental purpose of assuring that every one of our nearly-7,000 students is equipped with the literacy, mathematical and interpersonal knowledge, competencies and skills required for success in an era of rapid, exponential change.

    For three years, despite staff turnover, the district has been singularly focused on making every student a proficient reader; and although this can be a long and difficult process, the tools, curriculum and strategies we have employed are beginning, slowly but surely, to result in improved reading skills across the board.  While the essence of this improvement has been and is in the classroom, the partnerships with parents, community volunteers and businesses have provided a launching pad for success that few school districts can match.  We thank you for your continued support and patience as we work toward measurable outcomes in personal growth and academic achievement by every student!

    We invite your input to our collective efforts and invite you to watch our progress through televised and U-Tube board meetings.  We will be reporting our progress periodically to the board in order to give the board a basis for judging our performance, even as the board attends to its other governance responsibilities to the schools and community.  Meanwhile, please accept our collective wishes for a fruitful and fulfilling year!


    Donald B. Childs, Ph.D.
    Interim Superintendent