• Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

    On-line Educator Licensing  (ELO)


    Everyone will need to set up a WAMS account. This process is outlined in the link to the DPI page.  Please refer to the WAMS website.   

    The following are some important instructions for setting up the WAMS account.

    All applicants must create an ELO account, which is powered by WAMS (Wisconsin Access Management System).
    • Note: It is recommended that applicants use a personal email address when creating an ELO account. This email address must be available and accessible by the applicants as it will be the primary communication method from the licensing system.
    • Please follow the instructions on the screen when setting up a WAMS account. There are links to WAMS Help page, WAMS FAQ page, and for assistance in setting up WAMS account, you may send an email to Help Wisconsin Support.
    All applicants who currently hold or previously held a license issued by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction must locate their license record once they successfully create their ELO account and log in to ELO.
    • This process is called onboarding. Please follow the instructions on the screen and locate your WI-DPI license records before you start a new application.
    All required documents must be available to be uploaded as attachments.
    • Note: Please make sure all documents that are required in the application are available and accessible to be uploaded as attachments. You may need to scan some of the documents and have them readily available.
    All applications must be paid using a credit card (Visa, Master, or Discover) or a debit card bearing Visa, Master or Discover.
    • If you do not have a credit card, you can purchase a prepaid card to use in ELO.