Esperanza Night at Gaston, Hackett, Merrill, and Cunningham

  • Four people posing for a pictureKids playing loteria gameStaff at art tableEsperanza CelebrationStudent holding art projectLadies posing for a picture behind food tableStudents working on art projectWoman holding a baby and posing for a pictureWomen arranging food tableStudent holding foodWoman and little girl posing for a picture togetherStudent working on art projectStudent standing with a balloon hatTwo individuals holding cakesStudent and adult playing dominosTwo individuals posing for a pictureFamily posing for a pictureStaff and students smiling at the cameraAdult and student posing for a picture togetherMom and daughter posing for a pictureStudent giving a thumbs upStudents playing dominosGirl with a flower balloonFamily being served foodStudents and parents working on craftsTwo girls posing for a pictureStudents playing a table top gameStudents playing loteriaMom and student doing an art craftStudents holding small piñatasStaff holding pizza boxStudent and adult playing loteria gameStudents playing loteria at a table