• Accept, Include, & Understand Me - Student Voice

  • AIU is a student driven group that works to encourage acceptance, support inclusion, and increase understanding.  When the group formed they decided that the focus of AIU would not only be student to student, but student to staff, staff to staff, and student to community.  The Beloit Memorial High School (BMHS) AIU group meets on Mondays after school in D102, from 3:40-4:30.  All students are welcome to attend.  

    Once a quarter there is a BMHS Project AIU Day.  This day is one where student voice is key.  Students spend the day with each other, supportive school district staff, and caring community members.  The day is filled with engaging activities, sharing, and thoughtful reflection that build on each others strengths and community.  If you are interested in participating contact:

    Jaymee Thompson, jthompson1@sdb.k12.wi.us.

    This year AIU was awarded a Violence Prevention grant.  Highlight activities included:

    • Seven BMHS AIU students presented an engaging session at the Teen Summit in Wisconsin Dells, February, 2018
    • Infomercials were created for morning announcements throughout the school year, encouraging acceptance, inclusion and understanding of each other, also Friday morning video announcements were taped and shared
    • Mini-Project AIU days were developed for the four intermediate schools by BMHS AIU student 
    • The Graphic Art classes created six poster and billboard designs that were printed and displayed throughout Beloit and Rock County
    • Chalk Art Welcome for BMHS was part of Mental Health Awareness Month in May
    • A PBIS Film Festival entry was submitted and was also used to rollout PBIS for next school year
  • Student Voices:

    • “AIU has helped me since I first joined.  The AIU day has shown me people care and understand me.  I love it so much, along with showing others this group.”


    • “AIU made me a better man.”


    • “AIU has helped me understand other people.”


    • “AIU has impacted my life in a huge way.  It helps me learn to understand people.  AIU is a safe place for me to talk to people who accept and include me.”


    • “AUI has impacted me so much.  Meeting new people and sharing good things about each other.  I will always be attending AIU because I feel like I am part of it.”


    • “AIU has impacted my life by opening my eyes to involving everyone.”