Preventing Behavioral Health Problems

    Department of Public Instruction AODA Grant
    "Leading the Way, Stronger Together"
    The school district partnered with Youth2Youth 4 Change in this endeavor to address prevention and decrease the use of alcohol and other drugs. 
    • Youth2Youth focused on the "Most of Us" campaign.  The campaign included students creating messaging designs and memes.  The designs ran on banners, buses, posters and stickers.  There were also presentations done in all of the schools throughout the district.
    • At the intermediate level, 7th grade students completed a six-question screener that asked about alcohol/drug use in the following situations: Car/Relax/Alone/Forget/Family/Trouble (CRAFFT).  Students identified met for a more in-depth one on one to create a change plan to reduce their level of risk.
    • Beloit Learning Academy (BLA) also utilized the CRAFFT 
    • BLA staff participated in a Professional Learning Community investigating and building skills to support "motivational Interviewing."
Youth2Youth Logo
    Youth 2 Youth for Change
    Students reach out to the peers through lessons in health classes.  Please click here for the Y2Y website.  
    Y2Y Booth
    Some of the activities Y2Y engage in include:
    • Advocacy - Above the Influence and Most of Us campaigns
    • Pre prom event
    • Other substance free events to encourage being above the influence
  • Screening Brief Intervention Refer to Treatment (SBIRT)
    Once a student has been identified as abusing substances, the student will undergo intervention including motivational interviewing and self-reflection to empower them to change the behavior.