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School District of Beloit Shares 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Five priorities have been identified in the Beloit School District’s 2022-2025 strategic plan.

The strategic plan recently was posted on the district’s website at The district’s priorities include equity, culture and leadership, whole child, engagement and finance.

The process to create the plan began in February through community visioning sessions and a community survey. According to the district, the strategic plan design team included community organizations, district families, students and staff, board members and others. This committee met four times to develop the plan and a final draft was submitted to the design team before it was presented to the board for adoption.

Under “culture and leadership,” the district says it “commits to fostering a responsive, caring, and inclusive culture where all feel valued, supported and hopeful.”

Under “whole child,” the district said it “honors the whole child through our focus on student achievement, social emotional well-being, and health and wellness to allow our students to thrive, reach their greatest potential, and demonstrate qualities found within our Portrait of a Graduate.”

Under “engagement,” the district said it hopes to “nurtures and cultivates and engaged student, family, staff, and community through consistent, proactive connections, clear and relevant communication, and strong relationship building with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion.”

And finally under “finance,” the district said it “displays its fiscal responsibility by ensuring that every dollar spent enhances and adds value for our students, staff, and community.”

The district’s strategic plan is currently in print production and will be available in hard copy late next week, according to the district.