Portrait of a Graduate

  • The process of creating and implementing a Portrait of a Graduate was a community effort. We brought together students, families, staff, teachers, community advocates and leaders, business and civic leaders, non-profits, and school administrators to create a North Star for our students and our community. That North Star is our Portrait of a Graduate. This Portrait will ensure that we continue to provide a strategic, engaging, and collaborative educational experience and learning environment for each and every student in our District.   

    It was months of work, including meetings that sought out input, ideas, thoughts, and visions; lots of opportunities for feedback through surveys and conversations; and finally, the selection of the design and words that best reflect our students and their future. Those words and attributes are Fearless Learner, Ambitious Innovator, Global Contributor, Resilient Leader, Critical Thinker, and Effective Communicator.

    The Beloit Memorial High School Academies create an environment of learning and growth that prepares and inspires each student to succeed in life and contribute to an ever-changing world. Beloit Memorial High School Graduates are Career, College, and Community Ready thanks to our Academies, Community Partnerships, and our Portrait of a Graduate. 

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  • "This was a great opportunity for me to join community stakeholders in developing new and innovative ways to connect and engage students in our school district. It's been exciting to be a part of a team that is rolling up their sleeves to ensure that every child has the tools they need to get an excellent education and a bright future. The Portrait of a Graduate will enhance our school district and positively impact the community. This document is an educational roadmap we can follow which will help our students throughout their educational journey as they reach their destination of success."
    Ms. Regina Dunkin
    City of Beloit Council President
    Community Leader and Advocate

    "I enjoyed the opportunity to not only share my experiences having been a graduate of the School District of Beloit, but also collaborating not only with community partners, but also educators in helping shape the path for the future. I believe the Portrait of a Graduate will be a great resource for the community, as it sets the foundational outline for the future graduates of the School District of Beloit."
    Mr. Mark Rand
    Chief Executive Officer
    Stateline Boys and Girls Club

    "Strong school districts and schools add significantly to a community's ability to sustain an able and ready workforce and a future workforce pipeline. To create long-lasting and stable economic growth in our region, we must continue to collaborate and engage with our school district and students. I value the work that is being done at the School District of Beloit and the development of a Portrait of a Graduate."
    Drew Pennington
    Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation

    "The opportunity to participate and engage in a community-wide project that will benefit all students in the School District of Beloit and our community at-large was very inspiring. I appreciated being a part of a committee that included community and business leaders, staff and students from the high school, and representatives of the city of Beloit. The Portrait of a Graduate is a vision for today and the future, and it ensures all graduates have the skills necessary to thrive in life and in their chosen path."
    Ms. Tara Dunn
    Public Housing Coordinator
    City of Beloit

    "I had a great experience participating in the Portrait of a Graduate. The District was steadfast in the process and inclusive with the community make-up and participation. This document is so important in moving the District forward. By involving the business community in this process, it allows for a continued and engaging partnership with the School District of Beloit to develop a talent pipeline in the greater Beloit area that starts with our students!" 
    Ms. Aimee Thurner
    Executive Director
    Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce