Practices and Procedures for Shadowing at BMHS

  • The purpose of shadowing is to allow students who are considering attending Beloit Memorial High School an opportunity to learn more about the high school, courses, and extracurricular activities offered while spending the day with a current student.  Shadowing may also be permitted for students who are affiliated with a professional organization with an academic purpose. 

    Students will only be allowed to shadow on a regular school day when no special events, such as testing or exams, are taking place.

    Procedures for a shadow approval:

    1. The Parent or guardian of the student shadowing must complete and submit the BMHS Student Shadow Request Form at least 1 week prior to the selected shadow date(s) for approval by a school administrator.
    2. Once the form is received by school administration, the approving administrator will contact the parent or guardian by phone to let them know if the shadow is approved or denied.
    3. The approving school administrator will pair the visiting student with a current BMHS student who is in (or will be in) the same grade.  Selection of the BMHS student will be based on course and extracurricular interests. 
    4. Requests for a specific BMHS guide student will be considered, but not guaranteed.  The final decisions rest with the approving administrator.
    5. The approving administrator will notify the teacher of each class that the student shadowing will attend to inform them about the shadow and provide specific information regarding the student.  
    6. On the day of the shadow, the visiting student must bring the completed permission form signed their parent or guardian.  The visiting student will be met in the Main Office by the school administrator who approved the shadow and the assigned BMHS student. At this time the shadowing student will be issued a designated pass for the day.
    7. The shadowing student must remain with the BMHS student for the entire time of the shadow.
    8. At the end of the day, the shadowing student will return their pass and check out for the day.
    9. Students shadowing at BMHS are responsible for following all school rules, policies, and procedures.  Failure to do so will result in immediate removal of the student from the school and additional disciplinary consequences may be applied.