Band Program Overview

  • Music education is a primary means by which an educational institution can transmit to students the cultural heritage of society. Music transcends barriers of ethnic background, economic status, language, and even literacy in its power to reach the depths of the human soul. Experiences with music develop a student’s ability to make value judgments, to function logically as well as intuitively, and to utilize one’s innate creativity.

    Participation in performance organizations encourages initiative and leadership in the students, stimulates goal-oriented thought processes, creates an appreciation and respect for the efforts of others, and assists students to develop a sense of responsibility to themselves, the organization, and in a broad sense, society.

    We recognize that few high school musicians make music a career. However, the mental discipline and problem-solving skills required in the study of music are applicable in all fields of endeavor.  

    The Beloit Memorial Band Program has developed a tradition of excellence through the hard work and commitment of its members. It is the job of the director and student member to see that this tradition is continued and improved upon each year.

    The success of the BMHS Bands will only be determined by the dedication, determination, discipline, and pride displayed by its members and staff, parents, and community. It is important to remember that each individual represents what is best about young people, our community, and involvement in a musical organization.


BMJO / BMJE Rehearsal
Monday, Aug. 20

BMJE Rehearsal
Wednesday, Aug. 22

BMJO Rehearsal
Monday, Aug. 27

Pep Band Rehearsal
Wednesday, August 29
BMHS Band Room

Pep Band (Football)
Friday, Sept. 7

BMJO @ The Butterfly Club
Sunday, Sept. 30

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