Global Scholars

  • Global Scholars Club is for students interested in working toward awards for being bilingual. Students in this club honor, celebrate and interact with world cultures; they organize community service focused on intercultural competence and they can show they are working to be proficient in two or more languages. Students who want to graduate with the Global Scholars Award and the Seal of Biliteracy should join this club. The advisor will provide opportunities for students to collaborate regarding practicing for proficiency testing, writing reflections for 4 books, 4 films, 4 community intercultural events, support for community service projects, and in course selection recommendations to meet award requirements.

    Mission: The Global Scholars Club celebrates multilingualism, strives to reach higher levels of bilingual proficiencies, and we honor and respect all cultures in order to develop our own sociocultural competence in the global community.

    Goal: This club’s goal is to support students working to earn the Global Scholars Award and the Seal of Biliteracy by the time they graduate. 


  • Ms. Julie Horvath
    Professional Educator
    Beloit Memorial High School

    For more information, please contact Ms. Horvath.

Student Officers

  • This is a new club. Student officers will be elected in November, 2022.