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  • The Power of Words

    By: Monica Krysztopa
    Chief of Communications and Marketing, School District of Beloit

    "As the Chief of Communications and Marketing for the School District of Beloit, I’m in the business of words. I create content highlighting all our district’s news, events, successes, awards, recognitions, and activities/events. Recognizing our students, families, staff, alums, and community partners on our social media platforms, website and app, podcasts, blogs, and media outlets with inclusivity is an honor."

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  • Graduation Speech

    By: Emily Pelz, Principal, Beloit Memorial High School

    "Today marks a momentous occasion, a day of celebration and reflection, and a day of endings and beginnings. As we come together to honor your achievements and look ahead to the future, I am reminded of the one constant that shapes our lives in the most profound ways: change."

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  • Graduation Speech

    By: Tia Johnson, Board President, School District of Beloit

    "Keep in mind that dreams are achieved through consistent effort and perseverance, even if the ultimate goal seems distant or challenging at first. Never underestimate the power of your dreams and the impact that you can have on the world around you."

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  • Graduation Speech

    By: National Honor Society President Yescenia Zarinana, BACH Student, Beloit Memorial High School

    "We have learned the value of perseverance, the power of resilience, and the beauty of embracing our authentic selves. We’ve discovered our passions, honed our talents, and forged lifelong friendships. We have realized that our greatest strengths lie in our individual achievements and our collective ability to lift each other up and inspire positive change in the world."

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  • Graduation Speech

    By: Class of 2024 President Andrea Sala, HHES Student, Beloit Memorial High School

    "We finally get to walk the stage in front of everyone we care about. I want to thank our teachers, mentors, and families for everything they’ve done to help us get to this moment. We couldn’t have done this without them, and I know how accomplished you all must feel as you watch us enter this independent stage of our lives."

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  • From Ignorance to Pride: Embracing My Filipino Heritage and Building AAPI Community Connections

    By: Ms. Amanda Sellen, English Educator, Beloit Memorial High School

    In honor of National Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month we asked Amanda Sellen to write a blog about her experiences as an Asian American. Amanda graciously shared her reflections on identity, belonging, and the importance of celebrating her culture.

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  • Chalk It Up to Experience

    By: Mrs. Heidi Andre, Science Teacher, Beloit Memorial High School

    "I have had 58 First Day of School experiences as a student or teacher. Over half of them, or to be exact 35, have been as a teacher in the School District of Beloit. It is strange to think that school will start without me next fall, but it will!"

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  • Empowering Beloit, Wisconsin's Youth Through Work-Based Learning

    By: Ford Next Generation Learning - Power of the Network Newsletter

    "The School District of Beloit (SDB) outpaced the State of Wisconsin by a remarkable margin of 3:1 in providing students with meaningful work-based learning (WBL) opportunities! Clearly, SDB prides itself on its commitment to providing students with real-world learning experiences and acknowledges it as a key component of achieving its vision to prepare and inspire each student to succeed in life and contribute to an ever-changing world."

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  • What I Love About Being a Principal

    By: Samuel Karns, Todd Elementary Principal, School District of Beloit

    "One of the things I love the most about being a school principal is the opportunity to support the “whole” child by meeting our students, families, and the community where they are. Through this lens, I can prioritize and focus on addressing not just my students’ academic needs but also their social, emotional, and physical well-being so that our students can reach their highest potential."

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  • The Enduring Impact of Positive Relationships

    By: Janine Brass, Converse Elementary Music Teacher, School District of Beloit

    "Teaching music has been a joy; however, building positive, meaningful relationships has been my passion. It is a pleasure and privilege to be a teacher. Being a specialist allows me to have my same students for up to six consecutive years. I have an opportunity to really get to know my students and their families. It’s important for my students to know that my classroom is a safe learning environment."

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  • Mental Health Matters

    By: Eric Weier
    Director of Special Education & Student Services, School District of Beloit

    The School District of Beloit is proud to partner with the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, 7-Mindsets, and over 30 community partners to offer a night of education and connection around the importance of recognizing and responding to mental health needs as well as where to get the assistance needed in the community.

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  • Beloit Memorial High School Expo: The Little Engine That Could

    By: Monica Krysztopa
    Chief of Communications and Marketing, School District of Beloit

    "We, like that little engine, may be small. Still, with the collaboration of our business, community, and higher education partners, we are making big strides and are positively impacting our students, district, and community. We embrace the lessons from that story and believe in the memorable phrase, “I think I can, I think I can.”

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  • #BMHSProud: An Ambassador of Beloit Memorial High School

    By: Angelina Hernandez
    Junior, HHES Academy, Beloit Memorial High School

    "This is my first year as a Knight Ambassador, and I am enjoying the opportunity to be a positive student voice and share the many attributes and successes in our high school and with my classmates."

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  • Thank You Volunteers

    By: Maria Acevedo
    Community Outreach Liaison, School District of Beloit

    "Our District is lucky to have nearly 1,200 volunteers, they are a big part of our success. We embrace and value their work and commitment to our students. There is a wonderful quote by Elizabeth Andrew, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” We thank our volunteers for their heart and time."

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  • How BMHS Prepared Me for College

    By: Natalie Bosco
    BMHS 2022 Graduate

    "I am very happy and proud to say that Beloit Memorial High School prepared me for college through its academy system, class variety, and internship opportunities. I am confident in the post-high school decisions that I was aided in making through my high school experience. #BeloitProud"

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  • Gaston Walking School Bus

    By: Fonda Lewis
    Principal, School District of Beloit

    "On average, 13 students joined the “ walking bus” route each school day. One day, there were even 23 students on the “bus”! Our yearly school-wide student attendance rate increased from 83% in the 2021-2022 school year to approximately 90% for the 202-2023 school year."

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  • BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month

    By: Melissa Beavers
    Executive Director of Pupil Services, School District of Beloit

    "The month of July has long been recognized as a significant month to acknowledge and explore the critical issues surrounding mental health challenges and substance use disorders within Black and marginalized racial groups. July is Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Health Awareness Month, also known as BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month."

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  • Looking for the Bright Spots

    By: Dr. Kelley Grorud
    Director of Instructional Leadership and STEAM, School District of Beloit

    "As we move through summer and into a new school year, I encourage you to ask students, teachers, and district staff about the many bright spots they know about in our district. There are so many positive stories we can learn from and that we should share."

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  • Graduation Speech: Class of 2023 is Rich in Diversity

    By: Baylor Denu
    BACH Academy Student and Senior Class President, Class of 2023

    "Our Beloit Memorial Class of 2023 is rich in diversity...Our Beloit Memorial Class of 2023 is rich in the ability to overcome adversity and to adapt...Our Beloit Memorial Class of 2023 is rich in experiences...Our Beloit Memorial Class of 2023 is rich in education...Our Beloit Memorial Class of 2023 is rich in relationships."

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  • Graduation Speech: Life is a Book

    By: Aurora Miller
    HHES Academy Student and National Honor Society President, Class of 2023

    "One person gave me advice that has stuck with me to this day, and because of that, I want to share it with all of you. She told me that life is like a book. Every person, place, thing, event, it all has a place in this book. Whether it be a word, sentence, page, or chapter, it is all somewhere in our book, the story of our lives."

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  • Servant Leadership

    By: Jennifer Schieve
    Principal, Fruzen Intermediate

    "In my first year as Principal of Fruzen Intermediate School, being committee to and implementing servant leadership has profoundly impacted our school’s culture."

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  • SDB Highlights

    By: Monica Krysztopa
    Chief of Communications and Marketing, School District of Beloit

    "The School District of Beloit offers our students amazing opportunities with academics, athletics, activities, arts, real-world experiences, and more. Now is the time to share all the good things that are happening in our district."

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  • Student Health and Well-being

    BY: Ms. Shana Leith
    FoodWIse Program Administrator, UW-Madison Division of Extension

    "UW-Madison’s Division of Extension FoodWIse program has been fortunate to partner with the School District of Beloit for many years to provide nutrition education. We love spending time with students and introducing them to foods they may not have tried before, reinforcing the importance of breakfast, or even increasing their knowledge about healthy eating habits."

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  • Back to School Balance

    By: Tawny Morrison
    Education Communications Specialist, PBS Wisconsin Education

    "We want to share just a handful of the free resources and helpful tools available to help young learners start school, engage students with educational materials, and provide professional development opportunities for educators."

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  • Live with Integrity and Follow Your Passion

    By: Emily Pelz
    Principal, Beloit Memorial High School

    "You’ve grown into confident young adults who have significant things to say and special talents to share."

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