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Superintendent Dan Keyser speaks out against hate speech.

BELOIT—At Tuesday’s school board meeting Beloit School District Superintendent Dan Keyser spoke out against hate speech and threats stemming from media coverage of what he said were untrue allegations regarding a school staff member.

Keyser was referencing the allegations that a teacher taped a mask to a child’s face on Oct. 26. According to police reports, there were differing accounts given by the student who allegedly had his mask taped to his face, his parents as well as another teacher and students present during the incident. While the police investigation into the incident is closed there is an investigation into threats against school district staff.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Keyser said he wanted to address the allegations and make a statement.

“School District of Beloit and the Beloit Police Department have investigated these allegations and in both investigations no wrongdoing was found. These allegations stated in the media are untrue. Not only does it sadden me, but it makes me angry, upset and I’m outraged at the racist hate speech that is coming from unknown individuals and unestablished organizations, many of whom are outside the borders of the state of Wisconsin, being directed to our staff and our district. I and the School District of Beloit have no tolerance for this hate speech, any acts or threats of violence or threats in general being made to our staff, our students or this district. We continue to work closely with the Beloit Police Department last week and throughout this week to investigate all information that is coming to us and again as a district we stand together as a community against all kinds of hate and racism and I can’t express enough the impact this has caused,” Keyser said. “We will not stand for this and continue to use all of our resources both within the district and the community to address this head on.”

Source: Beloit Daily News