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School Board Approves Referendum Committee Member Recommendations

BELOIT- The Beloit School Board approved members of an ad hoc referendum committee recently as the district moves forward with plans for a referendum.

The recommended list of committee members was put together by board president Sean Leavy and superintendent Willie Garrison.

All present board members approved the lists, except for board member Spencer Anderson who abstained.

Before the vote, board member Spencer Anderson asked president Leavy if he should abstain from voting because his brother, Clinton Anderson, was on Leavy’s recommendation list. Leavy advised Anderson to do what he believed was best for himself. Ultimately, Anderson decided to abstain from voting.

Board member J’Juan Winfield was absent from the meeting.

President Leavy’s ad hoc referendum committee recommendations were: Angela Moore, Emma Harrell, Laura Neece, Jenna Singer, Molly Polyock, Benjamin Dobson, Wayne Skattum, Danielle Marx, Branden Jackson, Ana Giles, Donya Vance, Darian Snow, Regina Hendrix, Linda Fair, Andre Sayles, Regina Duncan, Marc Perry, Derrick Carter, Nick Dimassis, Ann Hankins, Mark Rand, Kevin Young, Dorothy Harrell, Jamie Linder, Joe Stadelman, Tracy Maxwell, Dannie Evans, Walt Hoshaw, James Ivy, Terrell Yarborough, Clinton Anderson, Rick McGrath, Rosamaria Laursen, Corey Montalvo, Maria White, Megge Cassique, Tracy Presley, Sheric Hodges, Patricia Majeed and Hayden Murray.

One board member recommendation was Joyce Metter.

Superintendent Garrison’s recommendations were Luke Butz, Jon Dupuis, Emily Pelz, Jen Paepke, Brandye Hereford, Derick Kiger, Christine Johnson and Sara Webster.

The school board has been discussing placing a referendum on the ballot in April of 2023.

Source: Beloit Daily News