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Principal Jennifer Schieve is Ready for First Year at Fruzen Intemediate

In June, Jennifer Schieve received a lot of support from her staff at Fran Fruzen Intermediate School, after they rallied outside the school for the then-assistant principal who was being considered for the Fruzen principal position.

The Beloit School Board approved Schieve for the position in a 5-to-2 vote June 8.

Schieve told the Daily News that she was grateful for the support, but at the same time was trying to keep her focus on the Fruzen students and the end of the year.

“I was really focused on ending the school year on a positive note,” Schieve said.

With the upcoming school year around the corner (Sept. 1), Schieve’s mind is strictly on the start of the school year and the goals the school has for the students this year. Goals that include creating authentic learning experiences that will keep students excited about learning. Part of that is doing their best to get students back on track into that love for learning.

Since Schieve started at Fruzen as assistant principal, she and staff have been trying to create a stronger sense of unity at the school, considering it’s a relatively new school. She explains that it’s important for the school to make an identity for itself and encourage more parent and family involvement.

Schieve is a graduate from Parker High School in Janesville, and went to Beloit College for her undergraduate studies. She spent a majority of her student teaching time at Beloit schools.

“I just found myself. I don’t know it was just where I felt like I belonged,” Schieve said. “I loved my experiences in college and working with the students throughout all my time at Beloit College. But I started in the school district and have absolutely loved it.”

She began as a teacher in the district in 2006, but shortly after had to take a break and care for her daughter who was battling cancer at the time. Schieve had many co-workers help raise money for treatment for her daughter, which included the then staff at Fruzen. During her career in the district she taught at McNeel, Robinson, McLenegan (which closed in 2016) and back to McNeel before going to Fruzen. Before stepping into an administrative role.

“I started here (at Fruzen) as an assistant principal four years ago,” she said. “I’ve always found myself in leadership positions. I had worked at different positions in the district as a math liaison or a grade level reader. I had actually worked with some of the people that are now my staff.”

“I felt like I only got to impact students and families through a classroom but now I get to impact teachers and staff,” she said. “I think that’s really fun for me where I can be rewarding and I can help teachers to be the best educators they can be.”

Schieve is looking forward to this school year with her staff after ending the last school year with a lot of momentum and is hoping to do some great things with the students and families.

Source: Beloit Daily News