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    James White - Junior at BMHS


       Blog Post: The Show Will Go On

         November 25, 2020   

         By: James White, Junior, Beloit Memorial High School
         Business, Arts, Communication, and Hospitality Academy


    Celestino Ruffini, CEO, Visit Beloit  

        Blog Post: Beloit: A City for Big Dreamers and Hard Workers

         November 18, 2020   

         By: Celestino Ruffini, CEO, Visit Beloit



     Mr. Bosco and Mrs. Laursen  

        Blog Post: The Bilingual Advantage

         November 4, 2020   

         By: Tony Bosco, Director of Instructional Leadership and Equity, School District of Beloit and
         Rosamaria Laursen, Biliteracy Instructional Leadership Coordinator, School District of Beloit


     Rachelle Elliott     Blog Post: Singing and Dancing

        October 28, 2020


        By: Rachelle Elliott, Director of Early Literacy & Proffesional Development, School District of Beloit



     Ms. Melissa Beavers     
         Blog Post: Self Care                

         October 21, 2020

          By: Ms. Melissa Beavers, Executive Director of Pupil Services, School District of Beloit