Lear More About Hackett

  • “It all begins with hopes and dreams...building a bright future and creating a positive community of diverse learners.”

    Our work: “Every student, standard by standard, whatever it takes.”

     We envision the Hackett Elementary School environment as an equitable, warm, welcoming community that is safe, caring, and honors the diversity of its citizens.  We see a place supported by families, students, and staff as partners in learning.  

    We envision each Hackett Elementary School classroom as a stimulating, positive, structured environment, managed by explicit routines; where the interests and needs of each individual in the community are respected and members are engaged in meaningful learning.

    We envision each Hackett Elementary student as a confident, self-disciplined, independent learner who is engaged in learning and can work cooperatively and respectfully with peers and adults. 

    We envision each Hackett staff member as a highly qualified professional with a shared vision of high expectations for all students, who addresses the needs of the whole child, facilitates a passion for learning and success for each individual, and continually reflects on professional practices.

    We envision the Hackett Elementary School curriculum to be focused on high academic achievement for all students, designed to increase higher level thinking and problem solving skills, differentiated to meet individual needs of students, developed to inspire lifelong learners with an emphasis on character development by teaching our students to Have respect, Act responsibly, Work together, Keep safe, and Soar to Success (HAWKS).