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Superintendent Seeks Feedback on School Reconfiguration

After hearing from many community members that the elementary and intermediate schools in Beloit School District are ready for a change, Superintendent Willie Garrison and officials from the Beloit School District have put together a survey for the community to share their thoughts on possible school reconfiguration for the 2023-24 school year.

“To corroborate what I am hearing, I think it is important to survey and seek feedback and input from our staff, students, families and community.” Garrison said in a district release. “Their input is important to our district and me, and this survey is a starting point.”

In the district release, Garrison said he has set as priorities continuous improvement with an eye toward student academic achievement.

“To do that, I have to explore all opportunities that will benefit our students in their growth, educational learning and academic success,” Garrison said in the release. “One opportunity I am exploring is reconfiguring our elementary and intermediate schools.

“I encourage everyone to take a moment and complete this survey,” he continued. “This survey is the start of many conversations to come. I plan to share the results of this survey on our website and at an upcoming Board of Education meeting.”

The Beloit School Board has had discussions about the intermediate school model at previous meetings.

On Nov. 1, the board’s president Sean Leavy spoke about many community members’ dissatisfaction with the current intermediate model. Board member Megan Miller spoke about her daughter attending Fruzen Intermediate School and how the enrollment numbers indicate that the district should move to a different model.

“I think that we have to hear from families, principals, and the leadership from elementary all the way up through the high schools about what that might look like,” Miller said at the Nov. 1 meeting.

Leavy also said there are lots of things happening and it’s important to maintain the satisfaction of families and find out if they have a preferable model so they are not left out of the conversation.

Source: Beloit Daily News