Lab Reservations

  • Please select the lab or computer cart you would like to reserve by clicking one of the left links.  Each is a Google calendar that has been shared with all Cunningham staff so that you are able to input your own reservation.  Please do not delete an existing reservation.  


    Cunningham Innovation Lab - Room Only

    (30 macbooks) Cunningham

    Computer Lab B221 (30 Computers) Cunningham


    Room/Lab checkout:

    1. Open Google Calendar
    2. Create an event (Title= teacher’s name)
    3. Click “More Options” &...
      1. Edit the time to exact class start and end time
      2. Mini description of what the room will be used for
      3. Check out the appropriate lab = Click on the drop down next to the calendar image and choose “Cunningham Innovation Center,” “30 Macbooks Cunningham,” or “Computer Lab B221 Cunningham”

    No Longer need the room??

    Don’t forget to delete the event in your Google Calendar.  Deleting your event will remove it from the calendar and make it available for someone else.