Dr. Dan Keyser
Superintendent, School District of Beloit

June 2021 - Dr. Keyser Address to the Class of 2021

Smiling Faces

It is a pleasure to be here today to celebrate the class of 2021. It is so nice to see all of you, and I am sure you all have smiling faces under your masks. I also want to take a moment and welcome the friends, families, staff, and Board Members who are here today to celebrate with you. You made it! That’s right; you made it. Can we take a moment and give these students a round of applause? Everyone here today and those participating and watching on our livestream is proud of you and all you have accomplished this past year. 

Exceptional Level of Achievement

Getting your diploma and graduating from high school is an accomplishment and deserving of the recognition and honor we are bestowing upon you today. Doing so during a pandemic, takes it to an exceptional level of achievement. Life has certainly tested you this past year in so many ways. You have had to sacrifice, forgo, and adjust over this past year. You have persevered through this period of your life with tenacity and self-confidence. These skills often take a lifetime to learn. 

Well-Prepared for the Future

You graduate today knowing that you have developed and fostered these skills as young adults. You are well-prepared and ready to pursue your future goals using.

You are a Proud Knight

The characteristics of Servant Leadership: willingness to serve others; Kindness; Humility; Honesty; Self-Discipline; Excellence, are first and foremost in my mind when I think of a Knight. Each of you has exhibited the qualities of a Knight over the past year, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage, or in our community. I commend you on your willingness to serve others while being an outstanding young adult during an unprecedented time in our world. We are a better District, high school, and community because of you.

Stand and Remember this Moment

I want to ask the class of 2021 to stand at this time. I want you to remember this moment. Take a look around; take it all in. Stand tall and proud for all you have accomplished this year. Stand firm and strong for what you believe in and hope for your future. Stand in unity with your fellow seniors for all you have come through and overcome together this past year.

Stand and Support

At this time, I would like our seniors to remain standing and I ask that the family and friends here today stand up and join the class of 2021. Stand beside these graduates in support of their future plans, hopes, goals, and dreams. Stand behind them when they need encouraging words, support and a little nudge. And continue to stand in front of them when they need a guidance, a bit of advice or someone to show them the way.

Together we will always stand #BeloitProud.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to you today. Please do not be a stranger; come back and visit often and keep us updated. The world is waiting for you! Congratulations to the Class of 2021.

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