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Beloit Superintendent Evaluation Shows Board is Pleased with Performance

BELOIT — The School District of Beloit Board of Education seems pleased with the performance of Superintendent Willie Garrison II according to his first evaluation from the board.

Garrison began working at the School District of Beloit on Nov. 14, 2022. The evaluation which was obtained by the Beloit Daily News through an open records request, was for the period Nov. 14, 2022 to June 30, 2023. The evaluation was acknowledged and finalized on Feb. 19, 2024.

Garrison was rated as “Effective” in six performance standard areas. Effective is the second highest rating that the board can offer. Ratings included “Distinguished” which indicates a superintendent exceeds expectations. Effective indicates he meets expectations. The other possible ratings are “Developing” and “Unacceptible.”

In the area for Strategic Leadership, the evaluation stated Garrison “creates, mentors, and facilitates the process of stratigic improvement, and seeks to ensure the district’s mission, vision and goals are fulfilled in a manner that all students are prepared to be career and college ready and globally competitive.

In the area of Instructional Leadership, the evaluation states Garrison “fosters the success of all students by leading the creation, implementation, and review of instructional systems that promote high student achievement and professional development and growth for staff.”

In the area of Human Resources Leadership, the evaluation states Garrison “fosters the success of all students by implementing effective and collaborative human resources systems resulting in student-centered, diverse, high-performing staff.”

In the area of Operation and Resource Management, the evaluation states Garrison “fosters the well-being and success of all staff and students through continuous improvement processes for effective operations and resource management.”

In the area of Communication and Community Relations, the evaluation states Garrison “fosters the success of all students by communicating, collaborating, and connecting effectively with the board, staff, families, community, and other stakeholders.”

In the area of Professionalism, the evaluation states Garrison “fosters the success of all students and staff by modeling professionalism and ethical behavior, engaging in continuous professional growth, and contributing to the profession.”

The summary of the evaluation says Garrison should build on his successes, such as reducing the district deficit, and continue to work with the community.

“The Board of Education commends Dr. Garrison for his leadership in helping to reduce the 2022-2023 school year budget deficit, his leadership in the day-to-day operations of the school district and his oversight of the instructional leadership of the school district and the academic growth shown during this schoo year. He is also commended for his focus on evaluation for principals and teachers,” the summary stated.

A statement at the beginning of the evaluation signed by board president Sean Leavy stated the board looks forward to a growing relationship with Garrison.

“We are confident that his passion for students and the alignment of priorities to improve their academic outcomes and the learning environments of our schools will result in academic growth over time and. that learning environments will grow to meet our community’s expectations,” the statement read. “In his first year, Dr. Garrison has laid a strong foundation for our district’s continuous improvements.”


Source: Beloit Daily News