Ms. Jen Paepke | Assistant Principal | Cunningham Intermediate School

June 2021 - Why I Encouraged SDB to Fly the Progress Pride Flag

In twenty-five years as an educator, I have met thousands of incredible students, hundreds of talented colleagues, became an extension of so many families and made myself a part of the communities I’ve worked in. 

My goal, My Passion, and My Purpose

My goal, my passion, and my purpose in life are to nurture, develop, create and inspire spaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging and safety. Sometimes that means that I need to challenge the status quo, advocate for changes in the system, and constantly look within to recognize my own biases and keep growing for the better.

 With a team of phenomenal colleagues, we have brought Welcoming Schools and other LGBTQ+ trainings during professional development opportunities. Courageous educators have opened safe spaces for students to engage in GSA clubs. We have made many steps and will continue to move forward. 


The students we are so lucky to serve, deserve adults who know them and see them and will honor and respect them for who they are. The families we share these children and teens with show up as families in many different ways, and they deserve to be welcomed in any School District of Beloit building. And our colleagues deserve to love and be loved for exactly who they are. 

So a Progress Pride flag?

Indeed. At the heart of our district, we want each member of our Beloit family to be #PROUD of exactly who you are. Every beautiful one of you.

 So, during Pride Month, we fly the Progress Flag as a symbol of the eyes that see you...the shoulder you can lean on...the open arms that will welcome you...the legs that will walk beside you, and the back that, if you need it, will carry you.

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