Parent FAQs

  • Do I need to login to view eflyers?
    No. Eflyers will be delivered directly to your email. If you wish to see more information on an eflyer in your inbox, simply click on the desired flyer. You can also access your school's Peachjar page by clicking the Peachjar button on your school's website.

    Why can't I log in?
    If you are having trouble logging in, please try the following steps:
    1. Reset your password via Peachjar's password reset form.
    2. Update your web browser.
    3. Update your flash player from
    4. Try a different web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
    5. Clear your browser's cookies and cache and restart your browser.
    If you need help with any of the previous steps or have completed all of them and still cannot log in, please contact Peachjar support.
    How do I add or remove a school that I'm receiving eflyers from?
    If you have children in more than one school in the district, you will automatically receive eflyers from each school. You can also add or remove a school manually by following the directions below.
    1. Log in to your Peachjar account.
    2. At the top, click on "My Account".
    3. From the menu on the left, choose "User Settings".
    4. To remove a school, just click the Remove School button next to the name of the school you would like to be removed.
    5. To add a school, click Add School(s).
    6. Find the school you would like to add by choosing your state then district from the drop down menus. The school list will populate below. Highlight the school you wish to add and click Add School(s). 
    Will my email address be shared or used for other purposes?
    As a contract service provider to school districts, Peachjar never shares your email address or uses it for any purpose other than the distribution of school/district-approved communication.

    Will I receive flyers that have not been approved by my school?
    No. Peachjar only distributes flyers that have been approved by your school and/or district office.

    How often will I receive flyers?
    The default flyer delivery frequency is set to daily. This means a flyer will be sent within 24 hours of it being posted. In order to change your delivery frequency, please log in to your Peachjar account. Click "My Account" on the top then "User Settings" on the left. From there, you will have a drop down menu to select your preference.

    How do I post an eflyer for my school’s parent group?
    If you are a parent group representative seeking to post an eflyer to your school, contact your school office staff. Your school admin may grant you uploading privileges or may choose to upload your eflyer on your behalf. If your school admin grants you uploading privileges, you may learn more by viewing our How to Upload an Eflyer help page.
    How do I remove a flyer if I am a parent group uploader?
    Flyers are automatically removed at the end of the chosen duration. If you wish to remove the flyer earlier, you may do so manually from the "My Recent Flyers" page within your Peachjar account.

    I want to receive eflyers but nothing is being sent to me. How can I register?
    Register an account on Peachjar to start receiving eflyers from your school today! 
    When I went to register, Peachjar said I already have an account, how is that possible?
    Peachjar and your school district have teamed up to create an account for you, so no action is required on your part unless your school has informed you otherwise. You will receive an email from Peachjar with your username and password when your school begins using Peachjar. If your school has already started using Peachjar, you can reset your password as described under 'Why can't I log in?' You can also try searching '' in your email account to locate the email and sign in to your account.