2016-2017 BMHS
    School Improvement Educational Plan

    The collective vision of Beloit Memorial High School is to provide a hgh quality education for all students so that students will be successful in their post-secondary pursuits. Highly qualified staff are committed to the implementation of effective practices in the classroom that promote student engagement and increasing student achievement. Students will graduate through Academic Career Pathways from BMHS and will be Career and College ready for post-secondary choices and entry into the world of work. 
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    Wisconsin School Report Card & BMHS School Improvement Plan

    Dear Beloit Memorial High School Families:
    You may have seen news reports about the 2015-16 Wisconsin School Report Card. The score at Beloit Memorial High School was 58.2. Under Wisconsin's school ranking system, that's considered to ‘Meet Few Expectations’.  Our goal is to reach the ‘Exceeds Expectations’ score. 

    At the high school level, the report card is based on many factors including the performance of our 11th grade students on the ACT Statewide assessment and the 11th grade Dynamic Learning Maps which is the alternate assessment for our students with intellectual disabilities. In addition, the state calculates closing achievement gap and graduation rates. Student Engagement factors are deducted if the school does not meet standards for test participation rates per subgroup, absenteeism and dropout rates.


    Here are several things BMHS is doing to improve our score:

    • Our staff is building their capacity to implement disciplinary literacy strategies in all courses, at all grade levels.
    • Our staff is involved in the analysis and implementation of ACT required practices as to embed these tasks and strategies in everyday instruction.
    • Our staff is consistently monitoring student progress to be able to provide additional opportunities for learning to meet student needs.
    • Our staff is building their knowledge in culturally proficient and trauma informed practices through multiple professional development opportunities.
    • Our staff strives to build a partnership with our parents and community to enhance the learning of all our students.

    While we take these scores seriously, criteria for the school report card has been changed three times in recent years. A moving target has made it difficult for us to chart progress using the state’s tool.

    This is the first state report card issued since Beloit voters approved $70 million to update buildings and reconfigure district elementary and middle schools. This was a positive move for our district students and programs, another reason why I believe our next report card will be better.

    Please know that we are continually working on school improvements. I want to hear any questions or ideas you have about what we're doing here at Beloit Memorial High School.  Please contact me at 608-361-3002 or ccampbel@sdb.k12.wi.us.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Take a deeper look at our school report cards.