Project-Based Learning

  • Project-based learning is the heart of RCAA. Our students benefit from a learning platform called Summit Learning. 

    Summit Learning is an online platform developed by Summit Charter Schools and Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The platform includes a comprehensive core curriculum, professional development for teachers, and a mechanism for students to choose and track their learning pathways. The program helps to equip teachers with the tools necessary to provide personalized project-based learning. It empowers students to work through curricula and assessments at their own pace while developing lifelong success skills like problem solving, critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

    Last summer, Andrews Academy teachers attended in-depth professional development to implement and use the Summit Learning Platform. “The training was transformational in that we will be able to set every student up for success in and out of the classroom,” said Jennifer Paepke, principal of Roy Chapman Andrews Academy. The intense 3-day training taught teachers to support students through personalized learning.

    Summit Learning allows teachers to customize instructions and meet the individual needs of students. According to RCAA teacher, Chris LaMaster, "Summit Learning will enhance what we already do well -- helping students create projects to pursue their individual interests, but with Summit we will be offering teacher-led project-based learning opportunities centered around core content areas."

    Andrews Academy staff are excited to offer this unique program to the students in the School District of Beloit. Dr. Darrell Williams, assistant superintendent of administration, operations and equity says, "We are excited about the potential that Summit Learning brings to our students. It adds educational value and structure to our project-based learning program, connecting theory with practice through real world experiences."