• 4-8 Intermediate Schools

    What are they?

    Fran Fruzen School A 4-8 Intermediate is like two separate schools (4-6 and 7-8) with opportunities to collaborate in one building. The two schools will work together in the same building, but appropriate grade levels will be separate. We believe that this will provide the best learning environment for your child to achieve excellence.

    Advantages of Intermediate Schools Model

    In our effort to provide the best educational setting for students, the top advantages Intermediate Schools include:
    More Community Building
    There will be larger teaching teams at each grade level, allowing for more collaborative opportunities. It will also give students, parents, and staff the chance to be on the same page. We hope to get you as parents more involved in a long-term relationship with the school and help build student/teacher/parent relationships.
    Consolidation of Resources
    Having 4-8 in the same location will help create uniformity across the curriculum and grade levels. It will also be possible to track test scores and trends to assist future instruction for the benefit of students’ learning.
    We will also be able to consolidate staff so reading specialists, English language learner teachers, special education teachers and specialists can focus on a group of students and not spend their time traveling between buildings.
    Updated Facilities
    Renovations include some of the following:Cunningham Rendering
    • Separate space for music and art
    • Upgraded technology to aid student learning
    • Bigger libraries with computer labs
    • Improved classrooms, gyms, kitchens and usable community space
    • Student intervention rooms for additional academic help
    Bray Architects have designed schools to include ample space, energy savings measures, and long-lasting curb appeal.

    Fewer transitions for students and parents
    • Merging the schools can provide more stability for students and familiesand research shows this provides higher achievement for students.
    • Students will have more opportunities for enrichment and extracurricular activities.
    • Siblings may also be in the same building, creating more convenience for transportation.

    How the two schools will still be separated

    Although there will be collaboration of students, staff, and resources, we will keep appropriate separation of ages within the building. Besides having different parts of the building designated to each “school” as well as grade levels, there will also be:
    • Different entrances
    • Separate lunches and recesses
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