• Beloit Memorial Counseling Department
    We strive to support students in their efforts to learn and become contributing citizens in our 
    community.  Support is provided through academic, personal/social, and career development.
  •  SCO
Counselor Academy Phone Email
Erin Wolf 608.361.3027 Ewolf@sdb.k12.wi.us
Tyree Gamble Freshmen 608.361.3021 Tgamble@sdb.k12.wi.us
Trudy Hart 608.361.3026 thart@sdb.k12.wi.us
Angela Snow 608.361.3028 Asnow@sdb.k12.wi.us
Department Staff Position Phone Email
Rachel Tiffany School Psychologist 608.361.3006 Rtiffany@sdb.k12.wi.us
Janet Kent School Psychologist 608-361-3202 jkent@sdb.k12.wi.us
Heather Heflick Graduation Coach 608-361-3035 hheflick@sdb.k12.wi.us


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