Department Phone Numbers

Department:        *District Office
Office Number:   361-4000 
Department:        Aramark
Office Number:   361-3320 
Department:        Athletics & Activities (BMHS/District)
Office Number:   361-3022 
Department:        Benefits
Office Number:   361-4013 
Department:        Board of Education (Secy.)
Office Number:   361-4160 
Department:        Business Services
Office Number:   361-4007 
Department:        Career/Technical Education
Office Number:   361-3206 
Department:        Central Enrollment
Office Number:   361-4171 
Department:        Community Relations
Office Number:   361-4032 
Department:        Copy Center
Office Number:   361-3622 
Department:        Energy Conservation
Office Number:   361-3306 
Department:        Even Start (Brother Dutton)
Office Number:   361-1905 
Department:        Facility Rentals
Office Number:   361-4007 
Department:        Facility Services
Office Number:   361-3305 
Department:        Food Service
Office Number:   361-4007 
Department:        Fresh Start (Community Action)
Office Number:   313-1309 
Department:        Gifted & Talented
Office Number:   361-4082 
Department:        Grants
Office Number:   361-4034 
Department:        Head Start
Office Number:   299-1500 
Department:        Homeless Liaison
Office Number:   262-470-1376 
Department:        Human Relations
Office Number:   361-4019 
Department:        Payroll
Office Number:   361-4012 
Department:        Print Shop
Office Number:   363-5680 
Department:        Safety & Security
Office Number:   361-4006 
Department:        Special Education
Office Number:   361-4027 
Department:        Student Records
Office Number:   361-4045 
Department:        Student Services
Office Number:   361-4027 
Department:        Superintendent Office
Office Number:   361-4016/361-4160 
Department:        Teaching, Learning and Innovation
Office Number:   361-4031 
Department:        Technology
Office Number:   361-4161 
Department:        Technology Help Desk
Office Number:   361-4061 
Department:        Translator/Interpreter
Office Number:   361-4028 
Department:        Transportation Service (Durham)
Office Number:   362-2628 
Department:        Transportation Signup
Office Number:   361-4007 
Department:        Virtual School
Office Number:   361-4300 

Central Office Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Position Office Phone Email Address
TBD Admin. Asst.-Teaching, Learning and Innovation 361-4031
Jo Ann Armstrong Exec Director Human Resources & Business Services 361-4011
Michelle Babilius Director of School Health Services 361-4024
Missy Beavers Interim Exec. Director Pupil Services 361-4026
Anthony Bosco Director of Equity, Bliingual and Alternative Programs 361-4089
Mitch Briesemeister Director of Career/Tech Ed. 361-3206
Amanda Brown TC Networks 361-4164
Barbara Bushue Academic Support 361-4000
Robin Bye Data Coordinator 361-4073
Kathy Carlson Grants Coordinator 361-4034
Doralis Cederberg Interpreter/Translator 361-4028
Kristy Champion Advanced Learners Coordinator 361-4082
Cindy Dailey Attendance/Substitutes Secretary Human Resources 361-4019
Julia Edwards Central Enrollment 361-4023
Rachelle Elliott Director of Early Literacy 361-4077
Todd Endl Safety & Security Coordinator 361-4006
Kelli Ezdon Finance Assistant 361-4005
Jennifer Francis Secretary-Superintendent's Office 361-4016
Mark Givhan District Courier - Facility Services 361-4056
Teresa Henderson Student Records 361-4045
Dean Larson TC Networks-Computer Support 361-4037
Dayette Lindaas Secretary-Reception 361-4014
Ardis Lohff Finance Specialist 361-4116
Pam Losey Payroll Assistant 361-4012
Lori McConnell Accounting Coordinator 361-4115