Applicant Instructions

  • Applications for all employment (including substitute positions) in the School District of Beloit are accepted only through the Internet process at the WECAN website. You may now enter the School District of Beloit application pages and apply at the WECAN general database. You must keep track of the Password for your WECAN account.
    Please be sure to attach all additional documentation on your WECAN application (resumes, official transcripts, letters of recommendation, license certificates if applicable).

    Please do not fill out a second on-line application. Use your application and pin number to edit your current application.
    The majority of administrator and teacher vacancies are posted and filled throughout the Spring and Summer. Be assured that we will do everything within our power to fill positions as quickly as possible and inform applicants of their status as soon as selections are known.
    Finally, if for any reason you encounter difficulty submitting an application, please contact us at (608) 361-4019.  It is extremely important to us that all persons interested have full access to the application procedure at the School District of Beloit.

    If your system resources do not allow completion of the application, a computer will be made available at the Human Resource Office located at 1633 Keeler Ave. in Beloit. Please contact the office at (608) 361-4019 to schedule an available time. For Substitute positions, also call (608) 361-4019. 
    As with any new endeavor, your input is needed and welcome to help us to fine tune the process in order to serve our schools and applicants better and more efficiently.
    Please complete our voluntary race/gender survey at the link noted below.  It is separate from your employment application and will not negatively impact your opportunity for employment in any way.  Click here
    Please send any comments to:

    Thank you for your interest in employment with the School District of Beloit and for using the WECAN on-line employment services.