• Attendance
    School hours are 7:50 am - 2:55 pm.  Parents/guardians must notify the school of the reason for an absence on the day it occurs.  Absences will be excused for student illness, significant family illness, or death in the family.  Non-health related absence excuses will be reviewed by the principal.   Parents are able to notify the school through:
    • Phone call or email to school secretary or attendance line

    • In-person notification

    • Written note or documentation from appointment, funeral, etc.

    Parents may submit a request to the principal for a pre-approved absence for their child (such as a vacation) by completing a Prearranged Absence Request Form.  Parents must complete this form before going on vacation and have it approved in order for those days to be excused.
    A student may have only ten days of excused absences in a year.  After ten absences, a letter will be sent home stating that any further absences may only be excused with a doctor's note or with special permission from the principal. 
    All students are expected to be on time for class.  If your child is unexcused tardy five times, that is considered one day unexcused absent.  If your child is habitually truant due to absences and/or tardies, you may be expected to meet with school staff in order to develop an attendance plan and you could receive a truancy citation from the city of Beloit.
    Students should not be picked up early from school unless they are sent home sick or have an appointment.  Parents should make every effort to schedule appointments after school hours.  Removing children from school early may also result in a citation and will affect their learning.
    For additional information, please see the School District of Beloit Attendance Policy.  If you are having difficulty getting your child to school or have any additional questions, please contact Staci Sarvis-Brandt, school counselor, at 361-2187.