BMHS School Traffic Safety

  • BMHS Safety Traffic Plan (2015-16)
    1.   Crosswalk - 4th Street & Middle Street *
    2.   Crosswalk - Main Entryway (4th Street) *
          a.   Security Guards regulate traffic before and after school.
    3.   Crosswalk - 4th Street & North Street *
          b.  Security Guards, SRO, and Administrators monitor the front outside perimeter of the building after school. 
    4.   Speed Bumps are placed in the parking to reduce the speed of vehicles.
    5.   Traffic coming from North Street and approaching 4th Street must turn left during school days (7:30-4:30).
    6.   Traffic coming from Middle Street and approaching 4th Street must turn right during school days (7:30-4:30).
    7.   The drop off lane next to the Fieldhouse / Natatorium is for buses and designated vehicles only.
    8.   Outside cameras are available to monitor student / vehicle movement.
    9.   SRO can contact the Beloit Police Department when needed.
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