Focus School Information

  • Wisconsin has developed a new plan to hold schools accountable for student achievement and identify which schools demonstrate a need for intensive support. As part of the plan, the state must identify a new category of Title I schools – Title I Focus Schools. This cohort of schools will be identified once every four years, giving the school staff time to implement new practices and improve student outcomes.

    The state has identified ten percent of Title I schools statewide based on:

    • The performance of student subgroups on state math or reading tests or graduation rates compared to student subgroups statewide;
    • Or if the school has large achievement gaps among its own student subgroups in math, reading, or graduation rates.

    The school must focus on, or devote time and effort to, supporting subgroups of students. The subgroups of students may not be performing as well as other students in the school or in the state. Title I Focus Schools will be asked to take immediate steps to provide all students with high-quality instruction matched to their academic, social, and behavioral needs. A school will remain a Focus School throughout the four-year cohort unless the school meets the exit criteria prior to the end of the four years. If a school has not met the exit criteria at the end of the four years, the school will receive greater state assistance. In order to meet the exit criteria, schools must demonstrate that they are on track to meet their new Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) within six years.

    Focus Schools in School District of Beloit 2015-16:

    Merrill Elementary (Year 4)

    For more information contact:
    Betsy Schroeder, Principal – Merrill Elementary

    Anthony Bonds, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments