• Who are McKinney-Vento Students?
     A student may be considered "McKinney-Vento eligible" if he or she is presently:
    • Living in a shelter
    • Living in a motel, hotel, or campground due to lack of adequate housing
    • Sharing housing with relatives or others due to lack of housing
    • Living in a train or bus station, a park, or in a car
    • Living in an abandoned building
    • A youth not living with a parent or guardian
    • A child awaiting long-term foster care placement
    • A child of a migrant worker
    • In other situations that are not fixed, regular, or adequate for nighttime residence
    What services are available for McKinney-Vento students?
     McKinney-Vento students have the rights to:
    • Immediate school enrollment (even if they lack proof of residency, guardianship, immunizations, or school records)
    • School choice (they may choose to stay at the school they attended when permanently housed or to enroll in the school where they are currently living)
    • Free lunches for the duration of the school year
    • School fee waivers
    • If residing outside of their school's attendance area, transportation
    How can I access services for a McKinney-Vento student? 
    For students who are new to the School District of Beloit, contact the Central Enrollment Office (608-361-4171).  For current Converse students, contact the school counselor, Staci Sarvis-Brandt (608-361-2187).